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What game is worth doing that’s not creatively risky?
Tim Schafer

Jonathan Blow - Indie Prototyping
GDC 2007

Petri Purho - Why Being Poor and Having No Budget is Good For Making Games
Assembly 2011 

A single-player game is really a movie that you create in cooperation with the player, where the lead actor doesn’t have a copy of the script.
Gabe Newell

Alex Peake - Game Code Literacy & Planting Seeds of Stem
Open Science Summit, 2011 

Randy Pausch - Building Virtual Worlds: An Exhibition
Carnegie Mellon University, 1998

Chris Crawford and Steve Kitchen talk about game design
The Computer Chronicles, 1984

Michael Mateas - Expressive Intelligence: AI, Games and New Media
Stanford University Human Computer Interaction Seminar, 2006

Jonathan Blow & Marc ten Bosch - Designing to Reveal the Nature of the Universe
IndieCade 2011

Marc LeBlanc - The MDA Framework
NYU Game Center, 2009

Building The Future of Indie Games Panel
GDC 2007

Dave Grossman & Kevin Bruner - Episodic Gaming for Indies
GDC 2007 

Ian Bogost - Serious Games

You know you’re doing something right when you discard the idea that you started with and do something different that you got to by following that idea.
Jonathan Blow

Jonathan Blow - How and Why
Free Play 2007