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Gabe Newell - Games for Change Keynote
Games for Change Festival 2011 

Edmund McMillen interview
Design3, 2012

Tommy Refenes interview
Design3, 2012 

Steve Meretzky - The Most Perfect Video Game
Boston Postmortem, 2011

Jesse Schell - The Pleasure Revolution: Why Games Will Lead the Way
Google Tech Talk, November 2011 

Ben Kuchera - Marketing for Indie Games
RunJumpDev, November 2011 

Jonathan Blow - How Mainstream Devs Are Getting It Wrong

Jesse Schell - Make Games, Not War
Games for Change Festival 2011

Randy Pausch - Building Virtual Worlds
Carnegie Mellon University, 2005

Steve Swink - Experimental Is Hard
IndieCade 2012 

Into the Night with Jason Rohrer and Chris Crawford

Bret Victor - Inventing on Principle
CUSEC, 2012 

Gabe Newell speaks to a Sports/Entertainment Marketing Class at Tippecanoe Valley High School about Valve’s history and current practices.

Jonathan Blow - Conflicts in Game Design
Montreal International Game Summit, 2008